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Orijinz words & phrases comes in two great versions.  The original 1st edition and the 2nd edition.  Each version has 150 unique card for hours and hours of fun!  One player reads the origin and the others try to guess the matching word or phrase.  You can sample what the game is like with some sample "on-line" cards below or download the app from the App Store (search for Orijinz Words) or PlayStore and try 15 cards for free!


Learning to play is a snap -- only about  5 minutes!  And, in case you're worried, you don’t need to be a word nerd or a history buff to play, win and have a blast.  One customer called Orijinz "the best thinking game for adults in a long time."  It is a great family game too (teens and above) winning a Parent's Choice Approved Award.


Quiz each other on car trips, during or after dinner, at the kitchen counter or have a game night! Play with your family, friends and co-workers or put a couple of games in your lunchroom or waiting room at work and you too can join the tens of thousands of Orijinz players from around the world that have a ball with the game that is a cut above and the pick of the litter  -- Orijinz!

The nitty gritty:

  • 150 cards for hours of fun (each edition has unique cards)

  • 15 minutes to play one game

  • 13 and older is best

  • 2 or more players

Get a sense of what Orijinz Words & Phrases is all about by trying a couple of cards!

Each card contains an origin. Players are trying to guess the matching word or phrase. First you tell everyone what they are trying to guess. So with this card the the players are trying to guess a word origin.   Now click on the next solid white dot below or ">" at the right of this picture.

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