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Orijinz quotes is a fun twist on our original word & phrases version. One player reads a series of quotes and the other players try to guess the author. 


Learning to play is a snap -- only about  5 minutes!  And, in case you're worried, you don’t need to be a history buff to play, win and have a blast.  


Simply read a quote aloud and have fun as players try to guess the author.  If no one can guess the right answer, read the next quote on the card. Some quotes will amaze and surprise you, others impress you and still other have you laughing out loud.

The nitty gritty:

  • 150 cards for hours of fun

  • 15 minutes to play one game

  • 16 and older is best

  • 2 or more players

Get a sense of what Orijinz Quotes is all about by trying a couple of cards!

Each card contains a series of quotes. Players are trying to guess the author. So with this card you would first tell everyone that they are trying to guess a writer.  Now click on the next solid white dot below or ">" at the right of this picture.

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