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Orijinz is now an App!

Orijinz has been redesigned as an App for your iPhone or Android phone!  Play "Single Player" to challenge yourself or "Multiplayer" to play with friends and family. Both modes are tons of fun!  It only takes about 5 minutes to learn to play and simple instructions for both modes are in the app.


You can download the App and get 15 cards to try for free and then can buy 50 card add-on packs for only $1.99 each!  There are 14 fifty card add-on packs for nearly an endless amount of rip-roaring Orijinz fun! And a "megapack" of 300 cards is only $7.99, a savings of 33%!

To get the iPhone version of Orijinz search for "Orijinz" in the Apps Store or click here. For the Android edition search for "Orijinz" in the Playstore or click here.   


The Multiplayer version of the App works just like the original box set version of Orijinz.  Read the origin and the other players try and guess the matching word or phrase. It is loads of fun as players blurt out their guesses!

But you can challenge yourself too!  In single-player mode you can type in your answer and try your luck. Not sure?  The card may offer a definition you can read to get more help.  Still not sure?  Choose "Reveal a Letter" and Orijinz will reveal a random letter to give you a clue.  You can choose "Reveal a Letter" as many times as you want!

So have a ball with the new App version of Orijinz that is a cut above and the pick of the litter!

Down to the wire on phone.png

In single player mode you will start with a card like this. If you know the answer you can type it in!

Down to the wire with defn on phone.png

With some cards if you need a little help you choose "Definition." 

Down to the wire with reveal on phone.png

You can get more hints by choosing "Reveal a Letter" as many times as you want.  When you are ready, type in the answer!

Down to the wire full on phone.png

If you want you can always choose "Show Answer."  Some cards show a Tidbit below the answer with additional interesting info.

Multiplayer is easy to play and lots of fun! Try it with friends and family! In Multiplayer mode the card starts complete. One player reads the Origin and if necessary the Definition to the other players and they try and guess the matching word or phrase.

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