Orijinz Daily Q&A

What is Advanced Mode?

In normal game mode, if you guess a word or phrase and your answer is incorrect, Orijinz Daily will erase all the wrong letters but keep displayed any letters that happen to be correct and in the right spot. In Advanced Mode, Orijinz will erase all your letters when your answer is incorrect. You get no benefit from lucky guesses!


What happens when you turn Share time and/or Share number of revealed letters off?

A key part of the fun of Orijinz Daily is sharing your results with others, convincing them to play and comparing your results. Choose the "Share" button to do so. If you prefer not to share your time or the number of your revealed letters, toggle those options off.


What is the difference between Orijinz Daily and the Orijinz Apps?

Orijinz Daily is one free Orijinz every day. It works on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac. The Orijinz App gives you access to almost 1,000 Orijinz cards. The App is FREE to try for your iPhone or Android device. The first 15 cards are free and after that you can buy more card packs for as low as $1.99!


You can play single player mode to challenge yourself just like Orijinz Daily, but you can also play or with friends and family.  In multiplayer mode, one person reads the origin and the other players try and guess the matching word or phrase. It is loads of fun as players blurt out their guesses!

To get the iPhone version of Orijinz search for "Orijinz" in the Apps Store or click here. For the Android edition search for "Orijinz" in the Playstore or click here

Can we send you feedback or ideas?

Of course, email orijinzgames@outlook.com