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We accept all major credit cards via our secure PayPal shopping cart. We ship only in the U.S. via USPS Priority or USPS Ground Advantage (previously called First Class mail). Delivery is 3-6 business days.


Shipping costs $3.95 for one or two games 


FREE shipping for orders of 3 or more games (including the Orijinz 3-pack)

Orijinz Words & Phrases - 1st edition

Orijinz Words & Phrases - 2nd edition



Why don't we ship outside the US?

We used to ship games all over the world but over the years shipping costs to countries outside the US have become prohibitive, often more than the cost of the games. That is part of the reason we created a mobile version of Orijinz that can be played on your smartphone anywhere!

Orijinz Quotes - 1st edition

Orijinz Three Pack - One of each game



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