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It's a card game. It's an App. It's a daily quiz. It's Orijinz the fun and fascinating origins games! Buy the original boxed version as a gift or to play with family and friends. Each box comes with 150 cards for hours of fun. There are two editions of the Orijinz word and phrase game and one of Orijinz quotes.

Or download the App for FREE for your iPhone or Android phone!  Play single player mode to challenge yourself or multiplayer mode to play with friends and family. Both modes are tons of fun!

To get the iPhone version of Orijinz search for "Orijinz" in the Apps Store or click here. For the Android edition search for "Orijinz" in the Playstore or click here

Or try Orijinz Daily with a new, free daily origins puzzle. Like Wordle with an origins twist.

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Named a favorite party game
by People Magazine

The original Orijinz boxed sets

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I love the simplicity of the game.    And yet it's challenging. It's all about great content.    You've done an amazing job here.   It's not too trivial and mundane, and yet not too simplistic and obvious. You feel smart when getting it right, but when you can't figure it out, it still has that great "aha, of course" quality when hearing the answer.   

—  Dave, Seattle

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