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Phrase Origins Quiz March 2020

This word is from the mid 17th century and is the combination of two Greek words meaning "all people."


The word is:  Pandemic

Phrase Origins Quiz February 2020

This word derives from a Latin verb meaning "to bubble out." It originally referred to bubbling or boiling,  like a pot of water. Its figurative sense of "exuberant" is first recorded 1600s.


The word is:  Ebullient

Phrase Origins Quiz January 2020

The key word in this phrase comes from a Latin word for "stake" and also referred to a fence (a barrier made of stakes). The word "pole" comes from the same source. By the end of the 14th century, the word took on additional senses including a place where one was not allowed to go. Eventually, probably in the 1700s, this idiom took on its figurative meaning of "outside the limits of propriety."


The phrase is:  Beyond the pale